Complete installation for the production of bottom sealed bags, garbage bags with perforation and draw-tape closing, rolled-up and taped with gummed paper.


Feeding line for film maximum width mm 1200  or  mm 1700

  • Unwinder station for rolls maximum diameter mm 1000.  (On request: mm 1300)
  • Shaft less system with hydraulic lifting of the reel
  • Maximum film width mm 1200 or mm 1700
  • Motorized braking system with multiple dancing rollers and quick film feeding for automatic tension control during unwinding
  • High-precision, pneumatic film guiding system.


Station to insert the draw-tape

  • Draw-tape stand for max. roll diameter mm 800; automatic roll braking with small dancing roller for tension control
  • Motorized calendar for film in feed
  • Static charge equipment on film tape
  • Motorized device for punching hole diameter mm. 40 with scraps exhausting
  • Double flap turning device
  • Turning device to insert automatically the draw-tape
  • Longitudinal welding with nickel-chrome wires and with hot air blow system.


Automatic bag-making machine model "R – 3011draw-tape" or "R – 3013 draw tape" to produce bags in LD.PE. – LLD.PE – HD.PE. – Biodegradable – recycled material.

  • Main machine drive by electronically controlled servo motors, to adjust film feeding speed with welding head motion synchronisation
  • Motorized  film infeed calendar
  • Motorized film out-feed calender
  • Movable chariot for film tension compensating
  • Modular welding bar, water cooled, with nickel chrome sealing wires and perforating blade driven by a dedicated servo motor.
  • Micrometric adjustment of the perforation blade, while machine is running, according to the type and film thickness to process
  • Additional reinforce welding on draw-tape
  • Electric and electronic main cabinet with air conditioning
  • Photocell when processing  printed film
  • Module with motorized folding triangles between the bag-making machine and the automatic winder station.

Automatic rewinder for bags-on-roll mod. Roll-Flex Draw-Tape DT -1.

  • Winding of bags on rolls on 1 or 2 tracks, according to the bags sizes to produce, with four revolging grippers
  • Winding grippers assembled on a rotating drum
  • Useful winding grippers width: mm 420
  • The roll winding, tear-off, taping and unloading phases are carried on simultaneously
  • Max. rolls diameter: mm. 120/150
  • Max. roll changes per minute: no. 22
  • Electronic machine management by an industrial computer composed of a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) console utilizing a 19” video colour touchscreen.
    By an integrated supervision system operating in Windows XPE, it is possible to operate easily, check the production, change recipes and maintain the equipments as required
  • Primary drives are connected via  Ethernet; secondary drives are connected via Canopen Field Bus
  • Possibility to save all production parameters and re-call whenever necessary
  • Bags counting by electrostatic discharge
  • Possibility to tape rolls bags with gummed paper, printed or not printed
  • A dedicated photocell, placed inside the taping unit, allows processing printed paper, having a mark as reference
  • Paper roll widths: from 30 to 200 mm
  • Max. paper rolls diameter: 200 mm
  • Conveyor belt to take bags on rolls out of the rewinder.