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Complete installation for the production of bottom seal pre-cut, rolled-up bags taped with gummed paper.



Upon Customer’s request it is possible to supply specific modules to be integrated in the line that allow producing bags which can be configured and rolled up alternatively.

  • Dancing roller group with pneumatic working and quick film feeding. Placed between the bag making machine and the automatic winding group, it is mounted on tracks and can be moved easily if needed. Upon request, it is possible to mount the “C” folding module on the dancing roller group
  • Triple folding group, to be installed between the gusseting unit and the bag making machine; it allows the production of the “Star-seal bag” – zero-gusseted and folded in two parts before the welding phase
  • Folding group with four triangles, to be installed between the bag making machine and the winder dancing roller. It allows the production, on 1 or 2 lanes, of “anti-drop” garbage bags, welded on the sides and with the bottom closed not by welding; folded and rolled-up. The bag making machine is provided with a device for the raffia band insertion and a knife to cut the film in the middle