Automatic bag-making machine MODULA 2000 S for the production of shopping bags and bottom sealed bags with maximum length to mm. 700 when using NO-STOP device.
With this solution the machine runs in continuous without stopping for the indexing.
Maximum bag length in standard running with pause: mm. 1200.


Servo Drive automatic bag-making machines for plastic films MODULA 2000 S have been designed to satisfy at high speed production of shopping bags and bottom sealed bags.

These machines can be equipped with a large range of film feeding groups composing complete lines for the production of bags in more lanes starting from one big roll.

Main features are:

  • Brushless motors used for: film feeding speed control; welding head assembly motion control;
    carbon-fibre flying bars for safety bags in exit from welding head; drive and chariot positioning
    for moving packs of bags in the indexing table.
  • Electronic Machine Management by an Industrial PC with a Human Machine Interface console
    utilizing a 19” video colour screen and keyboard.
    From this HMI, the operator may completely operate; check the production; change recipes,
    and maintaining the equipment as required.
    Complete alarming and historical event logging are also provided. In addition maintenance and
    trouble shooting information is provided for an easy diagnostics.
  • Bags up to 700 mm lenght are produced in a continuous sequence with NO STOP operation.
    Bags up to 1200/2000 mm lenght are produced with PAUSE operation.
  • A single modular welding head incorporates a cam drive cold cutting blade and Nickel-Chrome
    sealing wires suitable for the production of either T-shirt or bottom sealed bags. Switching
    from one type to another is via a simple selector device.
  • Perfectly stacked bags are made easily with hot and cold pins. As the bag is sealed, it is also
    stacked on the pins. Both hot and cold pins are completely adjustable and may be removed and
    relocated as required.
  • Packs of bags are made immediately after the welding head and contemporarily to the sealing
    phase: this assures a perfect bags piling.
  • Bags handles are automatically cut utilizing an hydraulic punching system in 1, 2, 3 or 4 lanes
    and once cut are stacked and moved onto the stacking table. Bags may be stacked flat or folded
    as required.