The flexographic printing machines model SUPER-FLEXOL are manufactured in series in different versions at 4 - 6 - 8 colours with useful printing width of mm. 800 - 1000 - 1200 - 1400 - 1600. Other sizes only on request

Mod. Superflexol Servo Driven 6/8 colors


Main frame machine in cast iron and steel.

Unwind roll station with automatic tension film control by means of dancing rollers and pneumatic brake.

Number of electronic axles corresponding to the number of the printing stations and two more in addition for the nip rollers: one in film entry before printing and one in film exit before rewinding.

Electronic axle groups consisting each one of a brushless motor and digital inverter panel.

Each flexo graphic printing station consists of:
heavy chrome-plated counter printing roll.
printing repeat cylinder provided with large screens for an easy cliché fitting
mechanical engraved and chrome-plated anilox inking roll
rubber inking roll
stainless steel ink tray complete with cover

Ink mixing groups by explosion proof motors driven by inverters.

Automatic pneumatic system to detach printing cylinders when machine stops.

Avanzamenti rapidi sequenziali e orizzontali dei cilindri stampa.

Pre-setting con posizionamento dei cilindri stampa a tolleranza mm. 0,7.

Quick and sequential parallel advancing of the printing cylinders in horizontal direction.

Pre-setting printing cylinders positioning with a tolerance of mm. 0,7.

Automatic system for longitudinal printing pre-register.

Transversal printing register with possibility of adjustment up to +/- 25 mm.

Grease centralized lubrication system.

Hot air drying installation between the printing stations and in the over-bridge. The equipment consists of one electro fan with electric radiator for air heating and one electro fan for air exhaust. Both electro fans are controlled by inverter panels. The air temperature is thermo adjusted by PC.

Water chill roll fitted in film machine exit.

Rewind roll station with automatic tension film control by means of dancing rollers driven by ac-motor.

Electronic machine controlled by an industrial computer composed of a Human Machine Interface console utilizing a 15” video colour screen and an industrial keyboard. From this HMI the operator may completely operate, view the production, change recipes, alter timing, maintain the equipment as required.

Industrial computer, all electric and electronic components are housed into an independent cabinet to locate separately from the machine. The cabinet is equipped with air cooling system. Remote driven machine push-buttons panel is supplied to facilitate the operator.

NOTE: A set of printing cylinders with a maximum repeat length of mm. 500 is supplied as equipment on each machine.