Full electronic flexographic printing machines model "SUPERFLEXOL STACK-GEARLESS" are available in 4, 6 and 8 colours version, with useful printing widths mm. 800 – 1000 – 1200 – 1400 and 1600.
Wider sizes on request



  • independent motorization on each  impression cylinder; printing repeat cylinder and ceramic coated  anilox  roller by  electric " brushless" motors. This solution "Gearless" replace completely the motion system by gears
  • movement of the printing decks by  high precision linear-guides and  motorized advancement by pre-stressed circulating ball screws
  • plate cylinders with sleeve technology; easy and  rapid to change in the machine
  • ceramic coated  anilox  rollers with sleeve technology ; easy and  rapid to change in the machine
  • inking system by enclosed chamber reverse angle doctor blade,  with body  covered by Teflon, pneumatically driven
  • gear pitch: infinite (gearless)
  • automatic longitudinal  printing registers ( in continuous) controlled via  PLC
  • motorized transversal  printing registers controlled via  PLC
  • automatic system for pre-printing registration
  • printing machine management by PLC.  Industrial computer to interface with the operator
  • software and hardware for modem with possibility to up-dates;  default  controls; technical assistance on line;  and so on…
  • possibility to complete the machine with different  auxiliary equipments like:  Non-Stop full automatic flying splice turret unwinders; Non-Stop full automatic flying splice turret  rewinders; electronic ink viscosity controls; full automatic web-guiding; web inspection with different solutions of video cameras; corona treatment equipments; automatic installation for ink group wash-up (quick clean); automatic equipments to control solvents concentration; video plate mounting system; and so on…