Like the Cronoflex, this machine is able to control the production functions from a remote position and to greatly reduce job change over time. The Sprintflex 8 incorporates a sleeve system for both the anilox and plate cylinder.

Mod. Sprintflex 8 colors


The new Sprintflex is equipped with:

  • Sleeve System on cantilever mandrels both for plate and anilox rollers
  • 4 stepping motor color station
  • Remote fine adjustment of printing pressure
  • Automatic preregister

The machine has been developed and produced according to the CE mark and major Machinery Safety standards.
Application of CSA or UL rules, on demand.

The computer controls all machine functions and it is provided with powerful supervisor software. Thanks to the computer, all automatic and regulation processes are precise and reliable. The "user-friendly" interface enables the operator to obtain an easy and careful process management and control.

Complete remote-controlled adjustment of the printing unit.

The new advancement motors, using special stepper motors with digital control, assures excellent, precise and reliable machine performance.

The cylinder positioning system is developed to guarantee maximum precision through to the use of absolute linear sensors.

Innovative and compact design.

The doctor blade system has been developed in order to improve functionality, handling and cleaning operations.

Motorized ink blending has been implemented taking into consideration ergonomic and safety needs.

The Sprintflex structure delivers functionality, ergonomics and aesthetic requirements.

The new sleeve change system guarantees a very quick job changeover.

The new pneumatic supports provide quick job changeover and safe cylinder locking.

New ink containing system that can be opened together with the doctor blade.