Three hundred cycles per minute

Currently the market for automatic hot machine requires four basic requirements: high production performance, reliability, versatility in processing and other new materials, ease of use and governance of the system. The Saldoflex with the latest models of electronic voting machines Modula 2011 - Form 2013 has interpreted these requirements. The production performance refer to a maximum production speed of 300 cycles min. This technology has particular value when you consider that this means producing less than 5 bags every second, every second that are completed for 5 times the cycles of advance film-cutting-welding. From the exasperation of the production speed of the machines follows the second requirement: reliable. The Saldoflex used for the construction, materials, components, automation suppliers of high technology and quality standards that can ensure the masses performance over time in terms of reliability, durability and reduced maintenance. The versatility in processing different types of heat sealing material is provided on the new electronic line Modula 2011 - Form 2013 the type of welding is characterized by the possibility to move from shopper to welding and welding for simple flat open mouth, instantly from one to another without stop the heat sealer and without replacing bars and make adjustments, but simply selecting the type of welding keyboard. II cutting saw blade run through cold, allows you to process the new materials in the same way with each other as different mixes and thicknesses. E 'is particularly suitable for thin film layers and more. Another factor of extreme versatility èrappresentato the Combi line of heat sealing which allows the possibility of producing bags and shopper bags type amazed pads punched banana, simply by replacing groups of die cutter blades.

The operator-machine dialogue is immediate and simple. Everything is controllable from the keyboard and monitor of the personal computer that supervises and controls all the automation of the welding machine. Interesting in particular the ability to view and see the operating and maintenance with all related drawings and all the parts and components for the identification of even parts of ricarnbio. In quarries alarms (they are expected attualrnente about a hundred) you can not only have a message in clear and detailed description see the photo of the car and where it occurred allarrne. The development of the technology of heat sealing machinery series Modula Modula 2011 and 2013 enabled the Saldoflex to offer technologically advanced systems on the market, complete with many innovative solutions developed with the active and continuous cooperation of many customers with high loyalty.

We quote only by way of example some key features:

  • Back in cast iron
  • Cold-toothed saw blade mounted retractable sealing the bottom (cut-away)
  • Calenders with internal carbon fiber aligned with slots
  • Dock stacking lowering proportional to the thickness of the tow
  • Rotating cage bars separating carbon fiber bags
  • Aluminum roller conveyors with full engine and film guides for each track
  • Compensation marks printed on film motorized remote control
  • Fully automatic device for automatic bag length
  • Share of cutting
  • Ability to save all parameters for each job in process. You can then calling the store clerk, reset all the parameters for adjusting the welder automatically.