Nowadays a regular, targeted and widespread communication is one of the factors of success of any business.

This is why we are going to kick off our own NEWSLETTER, whose Issue Zero will be sent to a selected list of contacts next January, 2013.

Our initiative aims to give a further opportunity to keep up the relationship with our contact persons: we will have the possibility to illustrate product novelties, discuss market trends or keep you updated about our business initiatives.

The opportunity will be taken to launch a new section of our website, specifically dedicated to our Newsletter: users will be given the possibility to subscribe to our mailing list and to read or download all previous issues.

We truly hope you will enjoy the reading and follow us with interest!


APRIL 2011

For 50 years we are dedicated to the design and manufacture of flexographic printing presses and bag-making machines with a constant and concrete commitment to continuously improve and adapt our solutions to the needs of customers who come to us.

An important milestone achieved thanks to those who gave us confidence in allowing us to be one of the leading companies in the industry Worldwide; this year we want to celebrate our 50 years activity together with the 150th Anniversary of our Country with all of you.

Leave us your details and come to pick up the Italian flag that we have reserved for you!



At the end of 2010 the installation of a photovoltaic system was completed; it is fully integrated into the roof so we took the opportunity for the old and unhealthy asbestos roofing to be completely disposed of.

The photovoltaic plant has a capacity of nearly 200 kW, it will allow an increase of energy-saving of our industrial facilities by 15% and will avoid the emission of approximately 89 tons/year of CO2.



The new SUPERFLEXOL GEARLESS 8-colors STACK FLEXOPRESS has been successfully tested and commissioned. This machine features our quick change-out system with sleeves both on clichés cylinders and on anilox cylinders.

The main features:

  • Quick sleeve change-out system directly into the machine for clichés sleeves and anilox sleeves
  • Fully motorized advancing system with 4 motors that move each color group by means of preloaded recirculating ball screws
  • Negative closed chamber doctor blades with pneumatic control
  • Washing system directly into color groups
  • Max speed 300mt/min
  • Fully integrated operator interface for all print functions including cameras, web guide system, viscosity control system, job recipes management.

The new model of flexopress is fully electronic with the management of 76 perfectly synchronized axles digitally controlled to allow an accuracy of 0,1mm on the longitudinal register.