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Industry 4.0
Flexoprinting in-line with paper impregnation plant for phenolic film faced plywood
New 1500mm bag-making machines
The INDUSTRY 4.0 challenge has now been launched and the so-called fourth industrial revolution offers unprecedented prospects. As with all great innovations, it is not always easy to find your way and fully seize opportunities. We are therefore available to our customers who want to obtain the 4.0 certification in order to provide them with the information they need. Contact us!
The impregnation of paper with resins is a process used to make it suitable for the subsequent hot lamination on plywood panels intended for a wide range of applications in the construction, automotive, nautical, furniture, packaging sectors, etc.
A multinational company with branches in Northern Europe, America and Asia has commissioned us to develop a flexoprinting unit to be placed in-line in a large and complex impregnation plant, so that it can customise paper (and thus the finishing of the panels covered with it) in the most efficient way possible, by performing the printing and impregnation processes in one single step. The latter is a continuous 24/7 chemical-physical process: the printing machine located downstream of the paper reel unwinders and upstream of the impregnation stations, must be able to work without interruption, with minimum maintenance requirements and allowing the printing job (i.e. type and/or printing repeat) to be changed as quickly as possible and without ever stopping the main system.
We accepted the challenge and achieved the goal successfully, thanks to an accurate design and by paying attention to the following:
machine designed to work exclusively with water-based inks, the only ones allowed by the process
inking system with ceramic anilox roll engraved with laser technology and a special doctor blade chamber with quick-release, heavy-duty blades, long-lasting and iridium-coated, to maximise printing quality and repeatability while dramatically reducing the frequency and replacement time of the blades also using white water-based inks, which are the most abrasive
sleeve system for printing plates with quick change directly in the machine during production
pneumatic clutch for engaging and disengaging the printing cylinders without stopping the machine
dancer roller system for perfect synchronisation with the impregnation plant also during transitions
The new printing machine, a 1600 mm useful width single-colour FLEXOL unit, has been recently installed and tested with excellent results and other companies in the paper impregnation industry have already shown interest in this type of system.
Our Bag-making Division is constantly working out new solutions.
As well as recently introducing the brand new ROLL-FLEX AU for fruit and vegetable bags on roll with carton core up to 6 lanes (more info here), we have been focusing on the expansion of the sealing width range. In addition to the 800 mm, 1100 mm and 1350 mm versions, our bag-making machines are now also available in a new version with 1500 mm useful sealing width.
This allows us to enrich the range of solutions available so that we can meet the increasingly diversified production needs of end users, in particular to obtain up to 4 lanes of 70x110 - 80x120 garbage bags starting from 2 separate large diameter reels.
We take the opportunity to recall the whole range of automatic servodriven bag-making machines for HDPE, LDPE and biodegradable and compostable bags:
modula s
T-shirt bags and bottom-seal bags with stacking on pins
T-shirt bags and bloc-notes bags with stacking on pins
T-shirt bags, bottom-seal bags and bloc-notes bags with stacking on pins or without pins
garbage bags on rolls without core, up to 3 lanes
anti-drop garbage bags with draw-tape closing on rolls without core on 1 or 2 lanes
bottom-seal fruit and vegetable bags on rolls with core up to 6 lanes
fruit and vegetable T-shirt bags on rolls with or without core
Discover the full range
In addition to the opportunity to insert our 1 to 8 colour flexoprinting units in-line, many accessories and optional features are available, which further expand the range of bags, sizes and finishes: embossing units, punching units, polarisers, die-cutting systems for T-shirt handles or banana handles, systems for the production of tear-off sheets blocs, modules for "C" or "V" folds and for "star-seal" bottom, gummed paper tapers, boxing systems, and much more.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote, we are at your disposal!

Thanks to our innovative technology, all our equipments are ready to process BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE FILM
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