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Printing the film and producing the bags in the same machine: integrating flexoprinting and bag-making processes is a native ability for SALDOFLEX, the company's roots being deep in both technologies since the very beginning more than 50 years ago.


The 4-lanes bag-making machine with in-line 6 colors flexoprinting unit described below in detail is certainly an emblematic example. And the integration of complementary technologies does not stop here: printing units designed to work in-line with blown-film extruders, with lamination machines, with coating lines or with equipment for the paper industry, but also slit-sealing and post-gusseting units to be integrated into existing blown-film extruders or bag-making machines are for SALDOFLEX an everyday task as well as an opportunity to reach new customers thus expanding its market.


Bag-making machine MODULA 1100 SS COMBI 4 LANES with in-line flexoprinting unit FLEXOL 6 COLORS 1600x1200


Integrating the printing of film and the production of bags in the same machine leads to a number of advantages:


-reduction of logistic costs (less space needed, reduced handling of semifinished products, reduced downtime);


-lower costs for raw materials (less scraps thanks to halving the number of machine stops and restarts);


-reduction of labor costs for setup, operation and maintenance of the machine.


On top of this, dealing with only one manufacturer specialized in both technologies who can take care of the entire turn-key project, as is the case with SALDOFLEX, maximizes the advantage for the customer.


These are the reasons why an important company in South-East of Europe decided to rely on us for manufacturing a new integrated machine composed by a FLEXOL 6 COLORS 1600x1200 stack-type press to print the film and a MODULA 1100 SS COMBI 4 LANES bagmaker to turn the film into bottom-seal bags, T-shirt bags and bloc-notes bags with stacking both with and without pins.

Below is a description of this equipment, designed and manufactured in close synergy by SALDOFLEX' two business units (Bag-making Division and Flexo Division FILIPPINI & PAGANINI) and successfully installed in recent times.


Flexoprinting unit FLEXOL 6x1600x1200


Placed between the unwinding and the slit-sealing stations of the bag-making machine, it is equipped with a dancing rollers system for the automatic speed synchronization with the rest of the line.

The unit, preceded by a banana roller to remove from the film any wrinkle which would negatively affect the final result, can print using both solvent-based and water-based inks in various combinations 6+0, 5+1, 4+2, 3+3 over a 1600mm useful with and up to 1200mm printing repeat. Optimal web tension control is guaranteed by three calenders (inlet, front/back, outlet) independently driven by dedicated brushless servomotors. The advancing of the printing decks is motorized, parallel and simultaneous; pneumatical clutches allow engaging and disengaging the printing cylinders while machine is running. High flexibility in facing frequent job changes is achieved thanks to the "Quick Sleeve Change Out System": this makes it possible to replace the cliché sleeves (fitted on chrome-plated steel air mandrels) directly in the machine. The inking system is by means of anilox rollers engraved at 120 lines/cm and rubber rollers that take the ink from a tank served by double ink pumps placed on a movable trolley. In addition to the +/-12mm cross register and 360° longitudinal register, there is a motorized "S" device which ensures the front/back register. Ink drying is by electrically heated air, the system relies on two different electrofans for blowing and suction and it is engineered to prevent the dispersion of solvent into the workshop environment. The outlet calender is equipped with a cooling roll with chilled water circulation in order to decrease the film temperature after drying, thus allowing its perfect workability in the following stages of the bag-making process. A by-pass system allows the straight feeding of the web through the machine for those production jobs which do not require printing.


Automatic bag-making machine MODULA 1100 SS COMBI 4 LANES


This is a very high flexibility servodriven machine, designed for the production of a complete range of bags in HDPE, LDPE or biodegradable compostable materials starting from tubular film, max width 1700mm, which is unwound and printed by the flexopress described above.

Here are the main features:

  • very high flexibility: production of bottom-seal bags, T-shirt bags and bloc-notes bags in only one machine;
  • stacking can be both with pins or without pins, possibility of hot-blocking the stacked bags;
  • speed up to 200 cycles/min (without pins) or 250 cycles/min (with pins), web speed up to 160m/min;
  • film feeding equipment complete with motorized shaftless unwinder with hydraulic positioning of the jumbo roll, 6-colors flexoprinting unit, automatic web-guide, slit-sealing and motorized post-gusseting units for up to 4 lanes;
  • brushless servomotors for film feeding speed control, for sealing bar assembly motion control, for flying bars drive and for the positioning of the carriage for extracting the bags;
  • single modular sealing head with cold toothed cutting blade, nickel-chrome sealing wires for the production of bottom-seal bags and T-shirt bags, switching from one to the other via a simple selector;
  • electrostatic charge generator to polarize the film, useful when processing low thickness HDPE film;
  • hydraulic punching units to cut the T-shirt bags handles and banana handle;
  • carriage with multiple independent pneumatic clamps for the highest reliability in handling the bags piles also when processing high thickness or difficult materials;
  • easy maintenance: very quick replacement of the teflon tape (less than 2 minutes);
  • great ergonomics and ease of use: operator panel with 19" color touch screen placed on movable support, sofware entirely developed by our engineers;
  • teleservice: remote diagnostics via internet.
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ROLL-SHOPPER SH-2 1100 2 LANES bags-on-rolls machine


Among the most important news in our range of bag-making machines is the introduction of this automatic servodriven equipment for the production of T-shirt bags or bottom-seal bags on rolls with or without carton core, precut and taped with gummed paper, starting from one jumbo roll of HDPE, LDPE or biodegradable compostable tubular film.


Here below the main features of this machine, which had been showcased at PLAST 2015 Exhibition in Milan for the first time:

  • very high flexibility: production of T-shirt bags and bottom-seal bags (standard bottom-seal or "star"-bottom seal), wound up on rolls with or withour carton core;
  • switching from T-shirt bags to bottom-seal bags and back during production via a simple selector;
  • speed up to 300 cycles/min or 160m/min;
  • brushless servomotors for film feeding, for sealing and cutting bar motion control, for winding;
  • servodriven precut blade with electronic micrometric adjustment of the perforation depth directly from operator panel during production, with no need of other manual operations on the machine and with possibility to store the precut depth in the job recipe;
  • nip calenders driven by independent servomotors for the best tension control of each lane;
  • die-cutting system for T-shirt bags handle on 2 lanes, with suction system for the scraps;
  • automatic 2-lanes rewinder with hoppers for the feeding of the carton cores;
  • optional taping devices for the gummed paper band, water dosing system by means of rubber roll and anilox roll (this is inspired by the inking system of the printing machines designed in our Flexo Division and allows, whatever the production speed, a very precise and quick adjustment of the quantity of water laid onto the band surface, making it very easy to find the optimal dosing for each type and brand of gummed paper);
  • easy maintenance: very quick replacement of the teflon tape (less than 2 minutes);
  • great ergonomics and ease of use: operator panel with 19" color touch screen placed on movable support, sofware entirely developed by our engineers;
  • teleservice: remote diagnostics via internet.

Further key features of this equipment are the shaftless motorized unwinder with hydraulic lifting and crosswise positioning of the jumbo roll, the in-line motorized slit-sealing and post-gusseting units, the automatic web tension and web guide control, the photocell to process printed film, the electrostatic polarizer for perfectly tight and bubble-free rewinding also with extremely low-thickness HDPE film, our "Bio-Ready" technology to process all the latest generation biodegradable and compostable films, the air conditioned electrical cabinet and, of course (just like the MODULA bag-maker described here to the left), the possibility to equip the machine with an in-line 1 to 8 colors flexoprinting press.

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Thanks to our innovative technology, all our equipments are ready to process BIODEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE FILM


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