We are proud to present our range of FLEXOL printing units which offer the discerning customer the solution to all his printing problems.

Mod. Superflexol 4/6/8 colors


Main frame machine in strong cast iron.

Set of nip rubber wheels, pneumatically driven, mounted on the first counterprinting cylinder; when printing front/back; on water cooling cylinder in film exit.

Transversal printing adjustment with correction range ± mm. 12.

360 degree longitudinal printing adjustment.

Centralised lubrication plant.

Emergency "Machine Stop" feature.

Main drive machine by A.C. motor controller by inverter.

Dancing roller unit for speed synchronisation with other machines.


Each machine is fitted with a printing station for each colour required, consisting of:

  • heavy chrome plated counterprinting cylinder
  • printing repeat cylinder provided with large screens for a quick and easy cliché change
  • anilox inking roller, chrome plated
  • rubber inking roller
  • stainless steel ink tray complete with cover.

All electric and electronic apparatus are housed in a single cabinet with principal controls set on the front. Each printing unit is supplied with a set of printing repeat cylinders (size to specify). All machines are manufactured in conformity with ECC 89/392 rules.